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dreaming of revelry

Tried an interesting combo the other day: Bratwurst-éclair dinner! :D
And then - off to the archipelago for Richard’s mom’s 60th! Fancy dinner, fancy bathrobes, fancy spa and silly brothers playing doctor.

A very late Christmas present from Ngoako! But it’s finally here and I couldn’t be happier ☺️
And Amaru’s birthday vol.2! This time with the help of a marzipan bear!

Not so much happening right now. The Harry Potter craze is still in full swing - the pages in book 6 are just flying by! On Friday a little festive spirit was required and delivered to celebrate Amaru’s 25th. And all the rest of the time… principles of marketing - my new best friend :)

Recent happenings!
• A very informative information day at SU
• A celebratory HP reading session/ prosecco drinking session to honour Richard’s statistical capabilities
• A bit of Keeleklikk for a certain estophile
• A very Swedish evening involving kanelbuller and a weirdly funny movie called Torsk på Tallinn
• A very armas Richard bathing in the morning sunlight and moping over some more statistics
• Made my own cup, made my own muesli! That’s what you get for surfing the webzzzz
• First day of lectures - TOMORROW :|

Visiting Irem in Deutschland! Bremen, Hamburg, bratwurst, beer, candy and friendship! Aww ❤️

Making the most out of the remaining summer days! Partying with psychology students, going to an outdoors cinema, browsing the book market, checking out the exhibitions at kulturhuset and catching up with the ladies across the pond!
There’s no denying it though - autumn is almost here… And so is school-time!

Goodbye Tallinn, hello Stockholm!

väike sushitegu

väike sushitegu

Suur aitäh, armas kallis Helen! Nüüd läheb mata tuupimiseks.

Suur aitäh, armas kallis Helen! Nüüd läheb mata tuupimiseks.

Creepy moments in Patarei prison. Definitely worth a visit!
Another place worth visiting - the Tallinn TV tower. Very satisfying for all possible needs of panoramic views :)
And well, happy birthday to me! Joined 24’s club.. I think I’m in good company!

A visit to the seaplane harbour and Ivi’s big pink news!

Short trip to Tartu to visit cutie pie Helen!

Project X 2014!
Love these crazy kids :)

Alli is 23!
A beautiful dinner and a beautiful cake for the beautiful birthday girl! Palju õnne, kallis Alli, oled imetore :)

Positivus! Festival spirit in Latvia! 3D Kraftwerk and life at the campsite and chilling at the beach with friends - what more could you possibly want at a music festival?
And some bonus prison fun - went on a little tour of Patarei prison!